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63 year old Yoga

This video is about how a 63 year old woman who is whole Food plant based eating can do yoga!!! I've not eaten any meat or dairy for almost 8 years and have not eaten any oil or meat and dairy for almost three years. Unfortunately, there are very good tasting, very high in fat through the addition of oils, vegan meats and cheeses. I wasn't eating vegan cheeses as much as vegan meats periodically but that was enough to keep a stubborn 15 lbs on me. Once I started eating Whole Food Plant Based, including eating a salad every day, and trying to eat greens at every meal and never eating vegan burgers: I make black bean burgers or Possible burgers and eat that instead. That's when I lost those stubborn 15 lbs and now weigh less than I did in high school:)

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