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Easy and quick to Grow Sprouts

Anyone with at least one wide mouthed jar and some sprouting seeds can grow delicious sprouts in only 5 days time with a little water. First you must get some kind of mesh wide mouth jar lid, with little feet on the lid like I showed in the video. This way, you won't have to cock the jar in a funny position, to drain the jar after you rinse the seeds:). The first day, day zero, you just put 2 Tbsp of sprouting seeds in a wide mouthed quart mason jar(if you only have a wide mouthed pint mason jar you can use 1 Tbsp). You must use a wide mouthed jar because you have to remove the sprouts from the jar after the seeds have sprouted and the wide mouth jar makes this possible:) Then just pour water into the jars and screw on the meshed lids. Set for 24 hours. The next day, day 1, you pour out the water and rinse the seeds, once, twice. This is the only time you will rinse the seeds twice, all the other times you just rinse the seeds once. Once rinsed, roll the jar around and around to try to get the seeds spread out around the sides of the jar. Then set the jar upside down into a drainage receptacle(I used a glass 8x6 pyrex baking dish because it fit 2, 1 quart jars) and you are done until the evening of day 1, where you will once again rinse the seeds, drain the seeds, roll the jars to spread the seeds and then set them upside down and then you are really done with day 1. Day 2 is exactly like day 1, in that you rinse the seeds in the jar, drain the seeds, then roll the jars to spread the seeds, then turn the jars upside down in the drainage receptacle and you are done until the evening of Day 2, where you will once again, rinse the seeds, drain the seeds, spread the seeds, set the jar upside down in the drainage receptacle. and you are done with day 2. Day 3 is exactly like Day 2, except the sprouts are probably sprouting by now and you may have trouble spreading them after rinsing and draining. Day 4 like day 3. Day 5 like day 4. In 4 days, on the morning of day 5, our sprouts were done sprouting and had filled the jar. So, play it by ear. Most sprouting seeds sprout in 5 days. 5 days of two a day rinsing, draining, spreading and placing upside down in a drainage receptacle. On the morning of Day 5, our sprouts had filled the jar and hadn't been rinsed since the night before, so they were somewhat dry, so I laid 3 select-a-size paper towel sheets down on the counter and took off the lid and pulled the sprouts out of the jar and spread them across the sheets and left them for hours. Then I put them in snap able plastic containers and stuck them into the fridge. Enjoy!

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